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Troy Murphy: Wedding Planner?

Last year Troy Murphy regaled Stacy Paetz with how he became a licensed spray tanner and now he offers a sincere interest in a post-hoops career in event planning, including weddings and bar mitzvahs.

An article focusing on the former Domer in the South Bend Tribune, careens off topic after Murph mentions organizing all the ticket requests he had for the recent game in New York.

"I felt like I was planning a wedding," he said.

Funny, because Murphy insists that when his pro days are done, whenever that might be, he would like to enter that career field.

"I'm going to be an event planner — weddings, bar mitzvahs, everything like that," he said. "That's my passion. It is. I've just taken it up the last couple of years."

He insists he's serious, but for someone who lists "Gatorgum" as his favorite meal in the media guide, you can't tell if he's set on it, or just joking. Troy Murphy, wedding planner?

"I wouldn't doubt it," deadpanned teammate Travis Diener.

As Murph mentioned in the interview with Ms. Paetz last year, he also has an interest in stand up comedy, so consider this another bit developed off the cuff. Although, I must say, the event planning business, while 90% scam and an exercise in excess, can be quite lucrative. Considering Murph's remaining numbers on the salary cap, the man knows about lucrative opportunities.