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IC Cold Links: Recapping Another W For The Road

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Here are a few items of interest after the win over the Kings:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE final and Postgame Report. Preach it, T.J.
    "The difference in this game and some of the games that we lost, we kept our composure down the stretch, played together, stayed on the same page and just got the job done. We’re a young team and we have to mature and learn to finish, which we have in the last couple of games."
  • Mike Wells reports on another close game going the Pacers' way. Everyone is getting used to these tight finishes, most importantly the Indiana players.
  • Mike Wells looks ahead to the trip out West in his latest Pacers Insider. I agree, two wins should be a minimum goal, but more importantly improved play in the areas of taking care of the ball and team defense.
  • Bruno has more from Jim O'Brien on Mike Dunleavy possibly suiting up at some point during the upcoming road trip.
  • Melody Gutierrez reports on the Kings not taking advantage of Kevin Martin's big night and problems between coach Kenny Natt and point guard Beno Udrih.