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Recognize The 'Stache Movement

Although I mentioned the Dunleavy-led mustache movement briefly in the links yesterday, I was unable to give it the full appreaciation the effort deserves. Fortunately, Both Teams Played Hard took care of that for Pacer fans.

After checking out the Midseason Report video, it appears the 'stache movement remains a work in progress. Also, it doesn't look like Danny Granger is messing with his mojo and adding a 'stache unless he's sneaking in a little, young El DeBarge look on us. Dunleavy certainly has a ways to go and even Jeff Foster is a few days away from the catapillar the movement demands.

Regardless, a quick note to the game operations folks at the Fieldhouse. May I suggest having the 'Stache Brigade take the floor to the Beastie Boys, Sabotage along with a clip of the video playing on the scoreboard screen.

First, it would be hilarious and certainly add to the entertainment value for the fans. More importantly though, you're letting the fans share in the team building exercise. No doubt, a few mustaches will begin to show up in the stands as fans show their solidarity with the players.

One of the incredible success stories from this Pacers team is the way they have completely wiped the slate clean with fans from a public relations stand point. This could be another great opportunity to connect with the public and build a little more good will.