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IC Cold Links: Recapping Getting Tim Slapped

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Here are some links of interest from the Pacers loss to the Spurs last night:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE final and Postgame Report. Bruno dug up some great numbers during the mind-numbing second half. Also, love the fact that Roy Hibbert was tabbed the player of the game for the Pacers.
  • Mike Wells reports on the offensive let down for the Pacers last night.
  • Mike has more on George Hill earning a spot in the playing rotation for the Spurs.
  • Mike wonders what is motivating all the fluctuations in Jim O'Brien's playing rotation. Also, Mike Dunleavy is leading several players in a mustache only effort. Hmm, a few of these guys may redefine wispy.
  • Mike Monroe credits the Spurs defense with locking down the W last night.
  • Mike Finger focuses on Manu Ginobili rounding his game into shape. I'd say.
  • Speaking of Ginobili, Pounding The Rock celebrates his success from behind the arc, boosting the outlook for the Spurs success the rest of the way.