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IC Cold Links: Recapping With Head-Shaking Disbelief

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Here are some links of interest while trying to digest, yet another Pacers game settled on the last shot:

  • Postgame Report.
  • Mike Wells reports on the Pacers giving Paul credit for keeping the game out of overtime and securing the W for the Hornets.
  • Pacers Notebook has more on Danny Granger and Chris Paul scrapping in college, the third quarter drought, and Paul's endorsement of Pike High School legend and current Wake Forest PG, Jeff Teague.
  • Pacers Insider has more praise for the Pacers from an opponent and a litle more on Brandon Rush making the inactive list with the full roster available for the first time this year.
  • Dave Larzelere takes a look at Presidents and sports with a hoop-centric Commander in Chief set to be sworn into office today.
  • Jimmy Smith reports on Chris Paul asking for the ball and finishing things up right for the hobbled Hornets.
  • At The Hive has the painful video evidence of CP3's dagger.
  • Hornets 247 will take the tough W considering the mounting injuries for the Hornets.