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IC Cold Links: Recapping One That Didn't Get Away

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Here are a few links of interest after the Pacers win last night:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE blog final and Postgame Report. Mike Dunleavy cuts to the chase on the team's struggles to close out games.
  • Mike Wells reports on Mike Dunleavy and clutch free throw shooting saving the W for the Pacers. 9-9 from the line in the final minute kept it at least a two possession game and never gave the Raps a chance. Again, big ups to Jarrett Jack for hitting the final six. Huge. Also, Mike Dunleavy cuts to the chase on the team's problems closing out games.
    "It seems like for the most part, and throughout the season, guys have been feeling the pressure and afraid of the moment," Pacers guard Mike Dunleavy said. "That's how it was the last few minutes, which was ridiculous. It shouldn't have gotten to that point in the first place. When it does, you have to say let's go out and win this game. We were afraid to lose. We finally stepped up and made some plays, and that's what you have to do."
  • Pacers Notebook focuses on Jermaine O'Neal's return to Indy. Also, includes this little statistical item that helps illustrate the crazy season the Pacers are having.
    The Pacers went into Friday's game having no more than three points separating them and their opponents at the end of regulation in 10 of their past 14 games. According to the Toronto Globe & Mail, six other teams in NBA history have been in a similar situation over a 14-game span, but no team has ever played more.
  • In hisPacers Insider post, Mike is surprised by the number of boos he heard amongst the cheers when J.O. entered the game. Also, Jim O'Brien defends not slowing the pace with a huge lead to, you know, protect the lead.
    "We will never back off our tempo or our movement," O'Brien said. "That is the worst thing you can do when somebody comes back. That's almost stupid. I'll never send that message. Players lose all their aggressiveness."
  • Frank Zicarelli reports on another failed comeback by the Raptors.
  • Both Teams Played Hard takes a look at the Pacers' shooting hot spots. Amazing how well Marquis Daniels has played considering you could ice skate on his shot chart until you get around the rim where we know he's a maestro.
  • Ian Thomsen has Danny Granger near the top of his list for potential first time All-Stars.