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IC Cold Links: Recapping The Good Side Of OT

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Danny Granger kept the Pacers alive for OT and his teammates took it from there for the win. Here are some links of interest from the game last night:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE final and Postgame Report. Bruno's pre-game info has some good info on the playing rotations now that the team is getting healthy. The rooks will likely see little time. JOB liked what he saw:
    “It was a good win against a good ball club. A lot of guys stepped up. Danny (Granger) hit a great shot to tie it up, then we sucked it up defensively. That’s two straight games where defense was outstanding in the second half. 43% field goal defense means everything and 10 turnovers are terrific. There are a lot of things positive." 
  • Mike Wells reports on Granger getting it done in the face of Tayshaun Prince.
  • Pacers Notebook has more on Dunleavy's jump from 20 to 28 minutes of playing time. Plus, Jack responding to his loss of composure. In retrospect, the ball don't lie and the Pistons couldn't take advantage so Jack has that going for him.
  • Also, from the Pacers Notebook, you'll be stunned to hear that Jermaine O'Neal is questionable for Friday's game.
  • Mike delves into playing rotations with his Pacers Insider post. He too sees little time available for the rooks. JOB is looking for Brandon Rush to play with the confidence he (JOB) has in him. Interesting point.
  • Reggie Miller breaks down P-E Obama's game and angles to pick up a run at the White House. 
  • Matt Moore takes Danny Granger Under the Microscope.
  • Peter from Sixty Feet, Six Inches cashed in some good karma and really enjoyed the Pacers' OT win last night. Great story.
  • Vince Ellis reports on the Pistons struggling at the offensive end.
  • Carlos Monarrez wonders when the Pistons will go big, again.
  • Detroit Bad Boys has some funny critiques of the current small ball experiment the Pistons are employing.
  • Need4Sheed raises something I missed. No Jason Maxiell for the Pistons last night. I figured he was dinge up because that guy has eaten plenty of babies against the Pacers over the past two years.