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IC Cold Links: Recapping More Road Rash

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With the first West Coast roadie in the books, big ups to those of you who watched all five games from start to finish. Not an easy task for those of us in the Eastern time zone, especially when the alarm goes off at 5:30AM for work the next day (or with kids bringing their own early wake up call on weekends). Yes, the four losses were tough, but at least the Pacers kept us interested until the final buzzer in four of the five games. Here's to the 7:00PM EST tip!

Also, here are some items of interest:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE final and Postgame Report. Wow, from the Postgame Report: Including Monday's 44-point deficit (111-67), the Pacers' starters were outscored by 94 points in four losses on the road trip, an average defciit of 23.5. Quisy and T.J., get well soon.
  • Mike Wells reports on the Pacers coming up short once again. Love the alliteration in the headline. The fight to the finish was indeed futile last night and regardless of how close the score was it never felt like the Pacers would be able to get over the hump and grab the lead or the W.
  • Mike's Pacers Insider post finds Jim O'Brien praising his team's defensive effort in the second half. Huh?
    "I thought we played great defense, Mike," O'Brien said. "I thought our defense was absolutely outstanding the whole second half. We held them to 39 percent the second, third and fourth quarter. I thought our defense was outstanding."
    I admit there were some solid defensive possessions for the Pacers, especially late in the game, but they still gave up too many foul shots and couldn't grab key rebounds or loose balls when they needed to. Plus, any second half improvement would appear outstanding compared to the first half effort.
  • Ross Siler reports on Mehmet Okur feeling good all night.
  • Loren Jorgenson reports on the Jazz getting a boost from Andrei Kirilenko's production in a starting role due to the absence of Carlos Boozer and Paul Millsap.
  • Matt Watson at NBA Fanhouse takes notice of the disturbing trend of opposition outbursts against the Pacers.
  • Finally, Tony Dungy retired yesterday as coach of the Indianapolis Colts. The impact this guy had on the Colts franchise and Indianpolis community is staggering and certainly can't be measured in wins and losses or as Bill Polian put it, trophies. Please check out Stampede Blue and scroll through all of their coverage of  the retirement and reactions. Best coverage you will find.