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IC Cold Links: Recapping Kobe's Late Heroics

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Here are a few links of interest on the Pacers' loss to the Lakers:

  • Bruno's Inside the Game LIVE final and Postgame Report. This was the 12th game decided by three points or less for the Pacers. They're now 5-7 in those games. Also, the Pacers remain winless in all ten of their games at the Staples Center. Jim O'Brien on the failed final shot attempt.
    “We went for a three and they shut it down. We did not want to go into overtime without Granger being on the court. Travis was one of the options but he got lost in the shuffle. He was supposed to get out but he’s a small guy and there are a lot of bodies in there. He was looking for all the three point options and tried to get it off but it was just too late. To their credit they shut it down and he didn’t get the shot.”
  • Mike Wells reports on a surprisingly intense game
  • Pacers Notebook has more on a frustrated T.J. Ford still slowed by the lower-back strain, Stephen Graham filling in for Marquis Daniels and Mike Dunleavy easing into the action.
  • Wells uses his Pacers Insider post to opine on too much Kobe and too much talk but too little action by the Pacers regarding their defense.
  • Mike Bresnahan reports on the Lakers winning and being happy they won't have to face the Pacers again this year.
  • Bill Dwyre drags us through the Staples schnide that the Pacers remain on and looks back at their last victory in L.A..
  • The Lakers Blog video recap re-enacts the Pacers final huddle and then wonders what the Pacers were thinking on the final two possessions of the game. Great stuff!
  • LA Ball Talk will take the W for the Lakers.