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Dealing Time For The Pacers

This past Sunday marked the 60th day since the trades with the Portland Trail Blazers and Toronto Raptors were made official on July 9th. According to the NBA CBA, any players involved in those trades are now elegible to be traded again in a package deal.

Jamaal Tinsley is likely headed out of town in a package deal, so let the games begin in earnest. Despite the front office denials, Rasho Nesterovic remains a logical candidate to combine with Tins to offer a team in need a point guard and a nice expiring contract.  I have no interest in speculating or trade machining this situation to death. I just think we'll know something before September ends.

All signs are positive for a peaceful resolution to the Tinsley Era. First of all, the Euro Exodus has been a bit overhyped this summer, but at this point the situation has really helped out the Pacers' situation. It appears that the NBA will survive, but with Euroleagues skimming off the L's guard depth, there are more teams in need of NBA caliber handles.

Earl Boykins, Jannero Pargo, Carlos Arroyo, Gordon Giricek, Carlos Delfino, Juan Carlos Navarro all took a pay raise in Euros and opened up a roster spot in the States. No, none of those guys would be considered the missing piece of a championship puzzle, but all we're interested in are missing pieces. The Pacers have an extra piece that needs to be moved, so the more available slots the better the options.

Combine those options with the overt signs from the front office and I'd say an announced deal is just a matter of time. Whether it be outright saying Tinsley won't be around or literally removing the nameplate from his locker, the Pacers have given every indication that they have something in place to dispose of the Tin Man. I mean, removing the nameplate? Larry Bird or David Morway aren't doing that in the locker room. A locker room employee had to ask and receive permission to open up Tinsley's locker. With the loaded roster I'm sure space was an issue. I hope Jamaal didn't forget any shoes or socks.

The only remaining questions can be answered by a trade announcement. The rumors are starting to pick up so I imagine the phones are getting warm at the Fieldhouse. Hopefully we'll have those answers soon.