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IC Cold Links

Here are some items of interest to ponder on this, the best sports weekend of the year that doesn't involve basketball:

  • Get to know your Pacers, Part 3 is up at This time around, Chris Denari chats with Jeff Foster, Mike Dunleavy and Stephen Graham. We hear about Foster's immersion in the world of Dora and Diego, Dun giving himself a hair cut as a kid during an NBA game, and Stevie's ping pong prowess.
  • No, Rasho Nesterovic was not interviewed and I'm still wondering if he will remain a Pacer, but he has been accounted for. Mike Wells was able to get the Pacers to comment on Rasho and reports he will be in town in mid-September. Wells updated his intial post with a comment about the Pacers store having the jerseys of 13 players available. Rasho's jersey is not available, nor is the jersey for Tinsley (natch) and McRoberts. Wells checked with David Morway again and he planned on having Rasho on the roster. Hmmm.
  • Recent rumors of a deal with Golden State that would send Jamaal Tinsley and Marquis Daniels to the Warriros for Al Harrington and something else are certainly tantalizing. As strange as it would be to have Al in the blue and gold for a third tour of duty, reuniting the Club Rio Trio in the Bay Area would be spectacular. Chris Mullin would go down as the greatest GM in Pacers' history. One reason to doubt the rumblings is the way the teams kept mum on the last big deal. They surpised everyone. Kornheiser's Cartel nails the take on this issue, though, so I'll leave it to them.
  • The Pacers TV schedule is out. This is key since there are no national games scheduled for the Pacers. Three of the seven games without TV are a problem. For one, both games against the New Orleans Hornets and more importantly, Chris Paul, won't be televised. I don't understand that one. Also, one of the games at Toronto against J.O. is not televised. The Toronto miss may be due to the Sunday afternoon start times for the Raptors and a conflict with network broadcasts. Still, that's a game I'll be dying to watch.