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Granger May Be Close To Signing Extension

I've been in touch with the DetEksi Basketball League and will post a brief interview with the DBL's Commissioner, Azrul Ananda later this week regarding Danny Granger's experience in Surabaya, Indonesia. The entusiasm for the game of basketball oozes from every email I receive from these folks. I love it!

One nugget of information I wanted to pass along now is that Danny told the local newspaper, the Jawa Pos, that he will sign a 5-year contract extension with the Indiana Pacers for between $50-$70 million. Here's a story from the Batam Pos that verifies the info...I think.  My Bahasa Indonesia is lacking to say the least.

Di Amerika, pengamat basket sudah heboh membicarakan berapa nilai kontrak Granger berikutnya. Kepada saya, saat wawancara khusus Jumat malam lalu (22/8), Granger mengaku bakal meneken kontrak lima tahun. Nilainya antara 50 juta dolar AS hingga 70 juta dolar AS.

I realize that salary range leaves plenty of negotiating on the table, but there's been some concern that the Pacers may wait too long to sign Danny or upset him by not working out an extension. This comment makes it appear the two sides are on the same page and it is not a matter of if an extension will be completed but when.

In the current market, if they could split the difference and land at 5 years for $60 million I'd be happy for both the Pacers and Granger.

Here's a great video of Danny's full experience in Surabaya. You can tell from his body language and expressions that Danny was real comfortable playing the "superstar" role with the kids by the end of his stay. I have a feeling he got as much out of the trip as he gave to the kids.