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Pacers Trying To Trade Tinsley. This Is News?

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After listening to Larry Bird and David Morway talk to the press yesterday, the one thing I took from their comments was that there wasn't much new news to discuss. The press conference served as a clearinghouse of issues the team wanted to address and/or clarify before heading into camp. But was there really any new news worthy of headlines across the country?

Austin Croshere joining the team for camp? Sounds like a good story, but Cro probably won't be on the team and not much of a factor if he is.

Injury status of Travis Diener and Mike Dunleavy? Not shocking news. Diener's foot problems are well known. Never good to hear about knee problems for Dun so that gives us something to keep an eye on.

The team is trying to trade Tinsley? Umm, hasn't this been well documented since, I don't know, late December of last year. All summer the team has said Tinsley won't be part of the team whether or not he's traded, but obviously they were trying to deal him. I guess today they made that stance official, but still, nothing unexpected.

So I was surprised this morning to be cruising around all the major sports news outlets to see that they picked up the AP story which essentially says the Pacers are still trying to trade Tinsley. No kidding. Of course, the AP story goes through the off-court issues Tins has had over the past few years. Again, nothing new to report here.

But there it is at,, USA Today, and Yahoo! Sports just to name a few. Oh, well.

Pacers beat writer, Mike Wells, has the only report worth reading today and one that all these outlets would've been better served picking up. No there's not a lot new there, but at least he touches on the details of the current situation.