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Roy Hibbert Will Work His Way Into The Hearts Of Pacer Fans

Real nice to have Mike Wells hitting the Pacers beat again unearthing sweet nuggets of information like his latest Pacers Insider post about the impressive work ethic Roy Hibbert has shown this summer.

Jim O'Brien is certainly happy to engage Hibbert with some extra work and has come away real happy with big fella from Georgetown.

"I've never seen a young person - and this is my 12th year in the NBA - work harder and is more opened to being coached than Roy," O'Brien said last month about Hibbert. "If he gets to Conseco at noon, you can be assured that he's going to be drenched in sweat. He's had a remarkable summer from a standpoint of having our staff work with him. He's willing to be open minded to things we want to change in his game."

Apparently, Hibbert has been known to troll the hoop haunts around Indy looking for a 5-on-5 run when he's not down at the Fieldhouse which I'm sure halts any action on the court for a moment and then electrifies the hoop joes for a chance to play Roy. 

JOB hasn't been shy about raising the expectation level of Hibbert and at 7'2" with the work ethic and the engaging personality this guy appears far too good to be true. Certainly he'll have chronic knee problems or make JOB sound crazy after he follows the career path of Bruno Sundov. Something has to give, because all this talk has me giddy over the potential role Hibbert could play for the Pacers in a couple of years.  At least I think it's giddy. Been awhile around these parts.