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IC Cold Links

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A few links of note:

  • Sean Deveny with The Sporting News sees a big hole remaining for the Pacers at the center position. His impressions of Roy Hibbert must really be low because he didn't even merit a mention. This will be a developmental year for Hibbert but the future of the center position was addressed this summer.
  • Andre Owens is headed to Europe. So, from last year's roster, we know Kareem Rush is in Philly, Flip Murray is in Atlanta, and Owens in Euroleague. That just leaves David Harrison hanging out in no man's land. Apparently a Chinese team has inquired but there isn't much interest elsewhere. I guess erratic play and behavior on the court and off isn't real marketable these days.
  • Mike Wells talks to Danny Grangerabout is trip to Indonesia.

  • Welcome to a few new SBNBA blogs: Cavs blog Fear the Sword, Heat blog Penisula is Mightier, and Hawks blog Peachtree Hoops