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Simon Says: Jamaal 'outlived his welcome here'

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Guess what? The Indiana Pacers are trying to deal Jamaal Tinsley but they will not buyout his contract. I know, Larry Bird already said as much, but team leaders, including the lead dog, Herb Simon, continue to hammer home the point.

GM Daivd Morway told RealGM that the Pacers weren't even considering the buyout option for Tinsley and appear to be in some negotiations.

"Right now we are in conversations with a few teams, and we'll see where that takes us," he added. "But our intent is to trade Jamaal and try to find the right situation for both him and the franchise."

Then this afternoon, Mike Wells revealed comments from Pacers owner and CEO, Herb Simon.

“Tinsley, he’s probably outlived his welcome here,” Simon said. “He’s a very talented player. Teams will give us a hard time because they know it’s better for him and for us to have him play somewhere else. We’re confident that we’ll find a good place.”

Both of these comments affirm the Pacers' stance that teams interested in Tinsley shouldn't wait for the Pacers to buyout Tins. They also raise a point sometimes lost in the disparaging comments about JT and that is the fact that he (Tinsley) wants out of town as badly as the Pacers want him off the roster.

Point guard remains a need position in various outpost around the League and with a layer of NBA depth starting to head to Europe, Tinsley will surely appeal to a few teams, especially considering the price won't be too steep.

Actually, the real news here revolves around the comments Mike Wells procured from Herb Simon. Not the comments themselves, but the fact that Herb Simon is publicly commenting on a player's status on the team. After Donnie Walsh left, Simon named himself CEO and proclaimed he would take a more hands-on role with the team. I wasn't sure what that would mean at the time, but now I do. Prior to Walsh leaving, I can't ever remember Simon offering such direct comments on the day-to-day issues surrounding the team. I'm sure he has at some point in the past but if so, those comments were quite rare.

Mr. Simon is fully engaged and that's the best news I've read all summer. I've given Jim Morris all of the credit for the noticeable change in approach coming out of the Fieldhouse. I guess I need to re-assess and pass some of that credit to Mr. Simon, as well.

[UPDATE:] Here's an updated story (also updated above) with more comments from Herb Simon, including some discouragement about the sagging ticket sales despite the positive buzz around the team this summer. Sorry, but Pacer fans are in full "show me" mode at this point. All the positive talk is nice but until that talk is backed up with a equally positive effort on the court, fans won't return.