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Pacers Keep Pushing Ads and Granger

Twice in the past week I've been thumbing through a magazine only to be surprised by what appeared to be a short feature on Danny Granger. Instead it was a print ad using a portion of this Q & A with a big picture of Danny in his Rock Star pose.

The first ad took up a full two pages in the August edition of Indianapolis Monthly. Great idea, targeting a local audience with money to spend on tickets. The second ad really caught me be by surprise since it was in Sports Illustrated. Now I know SI targets local areas for covers so I'm sure they're doing the same with advertising, but it was still a cool print ad to see in SI.

Of course, my favorite part of the Q&A didn't make either ad. Bummer. There was a mention to see more interviews and info at As part of their "Ignite the Passion. Restore the Pride" campaign, the Pacers have put together several player interviews as well as several columns from prominent voices within the organizations. The current collection can be accessed here.

I wonder where Danny will pop up next?