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Where For Art Thou, Rasho?

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Umm...where's Rasho? My apologies for bastardizing The Bard but I enjoy fiddling around with words and since Hicks raised the thought a few weeks ago, the question remains today: Where is Rasho Nesterovic?

We've had tons of welcome-to-the-family features and events revolving around T.J. Ford, Jarrett Jack, Brandon Rush, Roy Hibbert and even included Maceo Baston and Josh McRoberts. In fact, I think McRoberts is cleaning the locker room, washing cars and calling every season ticket holder just to say, "Hi."

Rasho? Nothing.

I realize he played for Slovenia this summer and is probably on an extended European stay back home. But phones work over there, right? Some kind of acknowledgement would be nice. Is he as excited to begin the season as the rest of the new guys? Has he been working out and getting ready to play his role? What does he like to do in his off-time?

Wait, I know the last one. Rasho probably likes to take it easy; he's not a guy that likes to go out, more of a home-body. Likes to go to movies. How do I know this answer? Because that's roughly how ALL the new guys have responded to a similar question. I want to know who's handing out the Eddie Haskell script down at the Fieldhouse? Why not just make is crystal clear and have them swear not to hang out after hours with Jamaal Tinsley, Marquis Daniels or Shawne Williams?

So the questions about Rasho remain as we sneak into September on Monday. It would be nice to know his status with the team; otherwise I'm left to begin speculating that his sweet, expiring contract is going to be used as part of another big deal prior to the season. Flipping the roster flexibility Rasho offers so quickly would be a shame, but David Morway and Larry Bird still have rough waters to navigate in their quest to improve the team. First and foremost, moving Jamaal Tinsley. If Rasho is used in an effort to move the team forward then so be it. At this point, I'd rather Rasho play the role of deal sweetener than Jeff Foster.