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Tisdale Ready To Continue Health Battle

My thoughts and prayers are with Wayman Tisdale tonight as he begins recovery from surgery to amputate part of his right leg that was taken over by bone cancer. I always have a fond spot in my heart for players like Tisdale who show the unique NBA skill to score with apparent ease. His talents weren't limited to the court as he's been killing it on bass since he stopped lacin' 'em up.

And the smile. The personality. The man has the goods to take on this additional challenge in his battle against cancer. That much is evident from this quote earlier this summer while he was still undergoing chemotherapy.

"I feel better than ever. I'm excited. I've got a whole new look on life. I look at life on a whole 'nother radar."

Whole 'nother radar. I love that line because it is so true. I went through my own battle with the big C almost ten years ago. It included major surgery which I'm reminded of when I wake up in the morning and several times throughout the day, every day for the last ten years. Life changing event doesn't begin to describe the emotional and physical scars I try to suppress.

But the silver lining from my battle and the daily reminders is what eases my mind, giving me great hope for Tisdale in his recovery. That "whole 'nother radar" allows you to accept what has happened and then deeply appreciate everything else in your life. Little things. Big things. Difficulties. Accomplishments. They're all enhanced on a level that's impossible to explain. It's like you take a daily inventory and realize how much you have to be thankful for above and beyond the challenging struggles. It's something I wish everyone could experience without having to pay the cost required.

Tisdale has a far worse case than I did and his prognosis may never give him a clean bill of health. Hopefully this surgery will remove the last of the cancer and combine with his spirit for life to let the Tisdale show go on for many years to come. Stay strong, Wayman!