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Ranking T.J. Ford Against His Peers

Tom Ziller is drilling through his Top 50 NBA players over at the Fanhouse and has slotted newly acquired Pacer,T.J. Ford at #45. TZ paints a pretty picture to think about for the upcoming season and certainly isn't hung up on the injury questions that seem to always smother analyses of Ford's game.

So, if under Mitchell Ford could be an excellent offensive player, how will things go in Indiana? Well, Jim O'Brien likes to play fast -- transition offense, defensive gambling, early threes encouraged. Ford loves to gamble and is at his best in the open court (so long as Al Horford's not around). By all indications, Ford is as good a fit for Indiana's up-tempo affair as anyone. I can imagine a team that guns and slips to the rim every time down, with T.J. running the show like a Broadway choreographer.

Hey, we're used to having a PG running the show without a reliable outside shot. Ford's quickness and ability to breakdown ANY defense should open up plenty of 3-balls for his teammates. It all sounds good in theory. Can't wait to see it in action.