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Speak Up For The Red, White And Blue!

Jeff Fauxster wants the Pacers to use the red, white, and blue ball.
So should you.

Now that we know the Pacers will open up the preseason at the Pepsi Coliseum, it's time to consider the details that will make it a truly spectacular night. The ABA Pacers won three championships in the Pepsi Coliseum so in addition to the Pacers and New Orleans Hornets kicking off their preseason, the night is also a chance to take the franchise and fans back to their successful roots.

A critical part of the evening has to be playing the game with an ABA-style red, white blue ball. No brainer, right?

Well, apparently the Pacers asked the NBA about using the RWB ball and their request was denied. A ceremonial RWB opening tip may be all we get. Really? That's it? Something must be done to right this wrong.

On Friday, I heard Mark Boyle scoff at the denial as an NFL-like decision, similar to the uniform or celebration rules the No Fun League imposes to pasteurize their players. Couldn't agree more. The ball can be an NBA regulation ball with all the appropriate logos. I'm sure the Simons would be happy to pay to have them made. Heck, they could probably end up selling them after the fact and make a nice profit.

I don't know what I can do with my little megaphone hear but I'm willing to spread the word so please chime in with your reasons to use the RWB ball. I will continue to haunt the Interwebs with the Fauxster shot until this issue is resolved.

Here are a few additional reasons to use the RWB ball:

  • Oh, did I mention? It is a PRESEASON game and the first one at that. The Pacers are in sell mode and if the RWB ball plays a small part in attracting fans to the current product then it will be worth it.
  • The Pacers play the New Orleans Hornets. Close your eyes and think about Chris Paul yo-yoing the RWB all night for a quarter maybe two. Classic images for collector posters and trading cards will be there for the taking.
  • Great chance to draw attention to a meaningless preseason game. ESPN and other sports outlets will be attracted to highlights with the RWB. The "beach ball" will bring more eyeballs, I'm telling you!
  • Again, close your eyes and envision the visual candy well-defined, tight spin of a RWB jumper en route to the net. Sweet, isn't it?
  • The night pays homage to an era of great success and positive energy. Let the franchise go all the way back and celebrate it in style.
  • The RWB should inspire Slick Leonard to dig into his closet to out fit the coaches.

If anyone from the NBA can weigh in on this issue I'd be happy to share the league's view on the story.  Until then, please use the comments to add more ideas about how to make this retro-preseason game a special night.