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Summer Pacers Lose to Bulls

The Summer League Pacers dropped a game Tuesday night to the Summer League Bulls, 89-84. The Bulls played several players with NBA experience along with number one overall pick, Derrick Rose. Here's the box score and recap.

With the strong opposition, Lester Conner decided to tighten up his rotation and give the players making a push for a camp invite more time to show their stuff. This meant heavy doses of Earl Calloway at PG, Josh Davis, Courtney Sims up front, with at little Andre Emmett, Vlad Golubovic, and Aleks Maric sprinkled throughout.

Calloway stood out, again, finishing with an easy 20 points. He had a few bad turnovers in the first half, but overall played well. He's well on his way to earning an invite to the pre-season camp.

Shawne Williams and Stephen Graham played much like they did during last season. Flashes of nice plays, but don't seem to be unleash their game at full throttle. Especially, Shawne.

For summer league, the final three quarters of the game were pretty entertaining. The Pacers have the late game again tomorrow night against Michael Beasley and the Heat.