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TJ Ford and Brandon Rush Interviews

JMV on WNDE interviewed both TJ Ford and Brandon Rush on Monday afternoon. I was hyped to return from vacation to learn that JMV has added podcasts of his interviews so I can listen to them after the fact.

Here is the TJ Ford interview:  TJ Ford on JMV 

Ford seems real comfortable with where he's at, healthwise and also real motivated to prove his game is NBA-worthy...again. For some reason, JMV's voice sounds like a 45 rpm record playing at 33 rpm. What? You've never spun wax? Too bad.

Here is the Brandon Rush interview: Brandon Rush on JMV

Another great talker, even mixed in a "Mr. Bird" reference when talking about his new boss.  Later in the interview, when asked about working with Larry Bird, my favorite line.

Larry Bird is real down to Earth, real cool, and he wants me to come in and play right away.

Enough said.

Nice to hear from both of these guys, although they won't officially be Pacers until Wednesday. Obviously, they're both comfortable in front of the mic. Just another indication of mature players who know how to work and are ready to get to work.