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IC Cold Links

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I'm back home again, in Indiana, just trying to catch up. While I do, here are some links of interest:

  • The Pacers rookie/free agent summer league games begin today in Orlando. The Pacers first game is against the team with no name but a team that does have several rookies ready to play, inculding former Hoosier, D.J. White. Russell Westbrook will also debut for the Supes whatevers. The Magic are supporting this Orlando Pro Summer League site with all the info and live feeds of the games. The Pacers tip at 3 PM today.
  • Former Butler Bulldog, Pete Campbell was one of three players cut by the Pacers to trim down their summer league roster to 12. From hearing him on the radio a couple of weeks ago, I know Campbell was lined up to play in Europe. Appears he will take his sharp-shooting skills and employ them over in Germany. Good luck, Pete!
  • Indy Star Buisness reporter, John Ketzenberger sees some positive signs of life from the Pacers organization thus far during the offseason. Nice to see some positive press for once and I have to hand it to Jim Morris for the impact he's had on the perception of the organization. Speaking of Morris, here's a piece he wrote for which lays out his vision for how the Pacers can continue to make an impact on the community both on and off the floor.
  • Tyrelle Blair and Anthony Lever-Pedroza were also cut by the Pacers.