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Ronnie The Rocket Should Make Things Interesting

As Brent posted in the FanPosts, Ron Artest is reportedly headed to the Houston Rockets to join Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. Nice.

The Rockets were great fun to watch last year, but now they're must see TV. Ronnie enjoyed playing for Rick Adelman the first time around, but they only spent a short time together. I have a feeling Adelman will have a few sleepless nights in his future because he now has a dynamic, defensive-minded roster to go along with a superstar scoring threat in McGrady. But there remain questions.

I'm assuming the Rockets will extend Ronnie's contract, if not, we have problems. Ronnie might raise the issue once or twice ... a week. If the contract is extended, for how much? There will be nights when Ronnie outperforms his salary. How does he handle it?

Can Shane Battier's defensive-minded work ethic, which marinades in sanity, impress Ronnie and allow that sanity to coat Ronnie's day-to-day dealings with his teammates?

With McGrady and Yao remaining a focus, can Ronnie adjust to being a third scoring option on the floor?

T-Mac doesn't have the strongest personality. Ronnie considers his game in a class with the T-Mac's of the league. How will the two players get along? This is vital and keep in mind, 95 percent of the time things will be jolly. But what about those rough spots during the year? Can T-Mac assert his role as leader of the team when adversity strikes and Ronnie looks to stray from the reservation?

How will Adelman handle the little Ronnie "issues" as they arise? History proves that little issues fester into big ones with Ronnie if things aren't handled swiftly.

Hopefully all of these questions are answered in a postive manner and Ronnie finds the perfect situation to finish out his career with great success. Either way it should be interesting and I can't wait to watch.