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Kareem Rush To Philly

As we all assumed, the heart-warming comments around the draft coverage about Brandon Rush joining his brother, Kareem in Indy weren't dealing with reality. Since Kareem was a free agent, the fact that the Pacers picked up Brandon Rush, meant there was no way the Pacers would re-sign Kareem.

Fortunately, Kareem was able to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers which is good news all around. There's a little irony of the times with this story because Kareem signed with the Pacers last year after spending time playing in Europe. One of his goals was to re-establish his credibility as an NBA-caliber player, which he did. While other free agents are considering whether or not to stay in the NBA or get paid in Euros, I have a feeling Kareem felt real good about signing a contract to keep him in the L (and in a nice situation in Philly to boot).

Kareem's play last year was inconsistent at times, but so was his role on the team. Plus, he was dinged up over the last part of the season. Once thing Kareem showed was that he could do more on the court than shoot 3-balls and that effort led to his pay day in Philly. Congrats and good luck, Kareem!