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Nice Note On Jeff Foster

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Just ran across this letter to the editor at the Indy Star about a recent event Jeff Foster attended. Essentially Jeff served as the official starter for a memorial race/walk up in Marion and while this was done on his own time without any publicity, it sounds like he made quite an impression with the folks at the event.

Not only did Jeff start the race, he stayed afterward to sign autographs, take pictures and meet with all the attendees. He helped as we presented the Collin J. Bowen Memorial Scholarship to three graduating seniors. He handed out each of the 30 medals from the race and gave personalized Pacers flags to the male and female overall winners.

In sum, he went above and beyond to make the event special. He made me proud to be a Pacers fan. He also repeatedly mentioned that he was attending in honor of my brother's sacrifice.

 This doesn't surprise me in the least, as I'm sure Jeff has given the same time at similar events for years. But it sure is nice to see a story like this shine a positive light on the Pacers organization.