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Reliving Good Times From the 1999-2000 Playoffs

Kelly Dwyer can talk ball all day. Actually, he did talk (type?) ball all day yesterday. Today he dusted off Game 5 from the Pacers vs. Bucks first round playoff series in 2000 (you know, the Travis Best game) and blogged about the game as he watched. Thanks, KD. This was a pleasant memory to relive in retrospect. While it was terrifying at the time, the outcome and unlikely hero remain a great moment from a fantastic year. Funny how Reggie went off for 41, yet Best hitting the ultimate, No! No! No! ... GREAT SHOT!-shot as time was winding down in the fourth quarter made it his signature play as a Pacer.

Although this game provided Travis Best's career moment (not game, moment), I couldn't help blurting out a chuckle at KD's line from a second quarter observation.

1:10: Travis Best is Latin for "Dribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribbledribble."

Few Pacers' fans can hear the words Travis Best without an image coming to mind of Travis dribbling in place, looking over the offensive movement, while the shot clock winds down. Classic. Read the rest of the game observations here and here.

So what has Travis been up to lately? Well, after Jamaal Tinsley came to town and usurped the future PG slot, Travis was dealt to Chicago with Jalen Rose. From Chicago he spent time with Miami, Dallas, and New Jersey. The 2004-05 season in New Jersey was Best's last in the NBA to date. He has played on a few teams in Europe, including most of last season with Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna in Italy. According to this article from last December, his interest in the finishing his career in the NBA remains strong. Despite his affinity for the dribble, Travis remains on of the classiest Pacers to ever pass through town so I wish him much success and many thanks for the memories he provided during that great playoff run in 2000.