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More On Bird Interview

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Mike Wells reports on the comments Larry Bird made yesterday regarding Shawne Williams and his buyout philosophy. Here's the quote on buyouts which I tried to paraphrase yesterday.

"We hear this buyout stuff all the time," Bird told WFNI-1070 AM. "I think these guys should earn their money. If you can't trade them, let them stay at home. We're in some situations here where the same people continue to get in trouble. We have to deal with it. We'll deal with it the way we think is appropriate."

Seems to me that if you don't want Jamaal Tinsley around and you can't deal him, you have to buy him out to at least save a few bucks on the salary cap. Hopefully this philosophy won't be used for yet another attempt at a Mal Mal image rehab. Of course, his value will increase over time as the contract runs out further. Plus, a team or two may become desperate over the course of the season and need PG help immediately.

Here's an audio link: Bird interview on 1070 The Fan