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Larry Bird Talks About Shawne Williams

Larry Bird hopped on 1070 The Fan five minutes into the show to face the Shawne Williams-fallout music head on with Bob Kravitz. I was real happy to hear this since prolonged silence usually leads to speculation that somehow turns to truthiness before long.

Bird made it clear that this is a tough situation and they're still working through it, but Shawne Williams is still a good kid and any thoughts of outright releasing him or buying out his contract aren't in play. He's fielded calls about Shawne, feels Shawne is young, has a lot of value and the Pacers would have to get something good in return if they do deal him. When asked if Shawne would open the season with the Pacers, Larry simply said he didn't know.

He made an interesting comment about his disdain for buying out contracts, which includes Tinsley's situation. Bird prefers that players earn the money on their contract instead of buying them out so they can play elsewhere. If they don't earn the money they can just sit at home. Of course, Larry doesn't always show all his cards, so I have to think a Tinsley buyout still has to be an option, just because it may be the best business move.

I'm sure we'll hear more from Bird throughout the evening.