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Jermaine O'Neal No Longer Depressed - Funny, Neither Am I

The Summer Pacers play the Magic pretty soon, around 5 PM, and can be seen here. If that doesn't work go through the Orlando Summer League site. Don't know how much I'll be able to see, but if you have any comments please leave them in this thread.

On another topic, I had to chuckle at Jermaine O'Neal's comments about the miserable past couple of years in Indy. If you haven't read/hear them this is a snippet of what he said.

"When I got the call from my agent and he told me there was a possibility of coming here, it was like a rebirth," O'Neal said yesterday after his trade to the Raptors was made official.

"(What was happening in Indiana) was probably one of the worst situations that any pro team has been through. It started affecting every other part of my life -- my personal life off the court, with my family. It became very depressing."

You think it was depressing playing for the Pacers, J.O.? You should've tried watching the team. And we didn't get paid, either.