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Jermaine O'Neal Will Play Out His Contract

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As expected, Jermaine O'Neal complicated the Pacers' offseason plans by not opting out of the remaining $44 million on his contract.

Excuse a quick rant, but it would be great if an enthusiastic J.O. let us know he planned on being healthy and that he was ready to lead the Pacers back to the playoffs no matter who else is playing beside him. Instead for the $22 mil/per we get a hope that the team will improve or move him to a good team. Not exactly inspiring.

Fortunately, J.O.'s big number comes off the books in two years which would open up lotso cap room for any team interested in making a run at LeBron. Thus, the rumors involving Cleveland and other Bron-seekers continue to flow. Hopefully, this one remains a rumor. IF he stays healthy, J.O.'s value will only increase. I'd much rather take a chance and  keep J.O. around than dump him for a bunch of junk that adds up to $22 million.