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IC Cold Links

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Here are a few items of interest I'm catching up on while on the road in Philly:

  • Jim O'Brien explains the "homework" he expects his returning players to work on for next season. While what he writes is interesting, what isn't written raises more eyebrows. For instance, since Jamaal Tinsley's homework wasn't mentioned, I have to assume it consisted of three words. Pack your bags.
  • David Morway comments  on second round prospects and seems real excited by the options the Pacers should have at pick 41.
  • Speaking of prospects, Mike Wells is keeping tabs on which players the Pacers bring in for individual workouts. Ty Lawson from North Carolina is another PG name that is popping up along with DJ Augustin and Russell Westbrook.
  • Can Pacer fans take some legal action to stop Ron Artest from interviewing the Palace cup thrower .  Haven't we suffered enough. (Hat tip: Ball Don't Lie )
  • Deee-troit Basketball is officially at a crossroads after losing in the Eastern Conference finals. Flip Saunders was fired today , so now they have to decide what their roster will look like going forward and who is best to lead that roster.
  • Finally, don't miss Bruno's latests Caught in the Web.