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Larry Bird Discusses Draft Night...Sort Of

Larry Bird just met with the local media although he couldn't discuss the pending trades. I'm paraphrasing but here of some of his comments.

  • I can't speculate on trades, so I don't know what the hell you're going to ask.
  • Made a lot of strides so far this offseason, but we're not there yet. We're going to try to be active the rest of the summer. Hopefully some of the things we've been working on will come through.
  • How did the Pacers change tonight? More athletic. Got some, excuse me, Toronto got some size. And next year we'll have some cap space.
  • Knew today that Augustin and Westbrook wouldn't be available. He loved Darrell Arthur and Mario Chalmers, surprised they lasted so long in the draft.
  • Feels like a winfall night but can't talk about it, frustrating? Yes, it is disappointing we can't talk about it. I know the franchise is going in the right direction and now for next summer it puts us in position to improve further.
  • We got some good players. You might not think so, but I do.
  • Through some laughter Bird says, Kareem Rush is a hell of a player. Kravitz asks, how's his brother. Bird: His brother is better. His brother can really defend.
  • After some laughter, Bird and David Benner reiterate the fact they'd love to talk but can't or else they'll be fined.
  • The transaction date in July is too late for new players to join summer league team.
  • Direct comments about the culture of the team. The culture of the team IS going to change. We're not done yet. Notice the players picked have been in college at least three years, they're more matrue and ready to play right away.
  • Since Herb Simon is paying, maybe they should have another draft party on July 9th.

Good night, everybody. I'm off to Seattle tomorrow for vacation but will be checking in. Feel free to add FanPosts as stories change.