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Live At The Fieldhouse: Draft Night

I'm blogging to you live from the Fieldhouse, which is decked out more like a grand ballroom than a basketball arena right now. Come on by throughout the draft and leave your reactions in the comments on this post.

Also, check out for pick-by-pick blogging from Conrad Bruner and other observations from your friendly local blogger. Here's a copy of the Draft Guide for your perusal.

 UPDATE: The Pacers select JERRYD BAYLESS!!!!!

Gotta love it! The crowd at the Fieldhouse express unanimous support for the pick. The positive vibes keep flowing. YES!!!!

UPDATE II: The Pacers traded  Bayless and Ike Diogu to Portland for Brandon Rush and Jarrett Jack. Diogu just wasn't a good fit for Jim O'Brien's system so in essence the Pacer pick up Rush, who they loved after workouts and a strong point guard to back up TJ Ford. Former Carmel High stand out, Josh McRoberts is also included in the deal coming home to the Pacers. d

I'm a bit stunned, as I was looking forward to seeing Bayless. Hard to judge this early, though. There must've been a reason Bayless dropped, now the Pacers add two players who are able to contribute at the NBA level.

UPDATE III: Oh, yeah, the Raptors selected Roy Hibbert for the Pacers. I was hoping they would go this way instead of with Kosta Koufos. Need a defensive minded big to help out Foster.