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Jermaine O'Neal Confirms Deal

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Mike Wells talked to Jermaine O'Neal today and has him on record confirming the trade to Toronto. Not only does he confirm the deal, he goes out classy. Thanks, J.O.

“I met so many different people around (Indianapolis) in my eight years and they allowed me to (become) a perennial All-Star,” O’Neal said in a phone interview. “It was a hard decision, but I understand it was the best decision for the team and myself. Sometimes when you’re at a particular place for so long and it doesn’t go right, you need a new start.”

Why he's looking forward to a fresh start after the past few years of craziness surrounding the Pacers.

"It stopped being about basketball and it really wore me down," the six-time All-Star forward said. "It’s hard to go from being on the cusp of winning a championship to coming down and not making the playoffs. It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be."

O’Neal said when he’s done playing, he plans to retire as a Pacer.

I'll be standing and applauding when that time comes, J.O. I've enjoyed watching you become a man on and off the court. Good luck with the Raptors.