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Pacers Press Conference Starring Larry Bird

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Larry Bird appeared to really enjoy his meeting with the press yesterday. He wasn't throwing people under the bus, he was driving the bus and mowing 'em down. From telling Mike Wells he was wrong about trade speculation to laying out his thoughts on Jamaal Tinsley and Shawne Williams, Bird was chatty, feisty, and pulling no punches.

Bird also downplayed his interest in DJ Augustin with his talk of taking the best player available and compared his size to local columnist Bob Kravitz. Could this be a classic Walsh-esque smoke screen? Also, after hearing his initial comment to Mike Wells, I have a feeling Mike may have come pretty close to the truth forcing Bird to deny and try to keep him in line.

Thank to the Indy Star, here's the bulk of the presser is available in this FanShot. The file automatically plays so I moved it to the FanShots for my sanity.