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Larry Bird Denies Trade Rumors

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Larry Bird just met with the media and Bruno reports that he snuffed out any hopes that the J.O. to Toronto deal was still alive.

Larry Bird didn't wait long. As he was settling into his seat before a pre-draft press brieding Tuesday, Bird said, "No big announcements."

Then, pointing to Indianapolis Star beat writer Mike Wells, Bird added, "and you're wrong, too."

Ouch. That's cold. He also added that they have talked to a number of teams but any serious trade talk at his point is pure speculation.

Here's Mike's story on the presser with interesting comments about which Pacers are available. Basically, everyone but Granger and maybe Dunleavy but he certainly wasn't protecting Shawne Williams.

"If I get another pick, I'd like to have it in the teens, maybe 20, about the highest," Bird said. "With the situation we're in now, we need somebody who can help us right now."

He acknowledged Danny Granger and Mike Dunleavy are the closest players to being untouchable on the roster.

He said forward Shawne Williams "is on thin ice" and point guard Jamaal Tinsley was below him.

Read into that what you will, but I view it as Shawne not yet meeting the offseason expectations on the court.