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J.O. Now A No Go To Toronto?

As Captain Flitzy mentioned below in the comments, Yahoo! Sports is now reporting that the Pacers efforts to deal Jermaine O'Neal to the Raptors for TJ Ford, Rasho Nesterovic and the 17th pick have hit a snag, ending the talks.

Sounds like the risk both sides would assume with the damaged goods in Ford and J.O. made one team, if not both, flinch.

For the past two days, Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo had been pushing the idea of sending Ford, Rasho Nesterovic and the No. 17 pick in Thursday’s draft for O’Neal. For a few hours on Monday, there was a sense that the deal was close, but ultimately concerns over the damaged state of O’Neal and Ford were too much to consummate the trade.

Come on!  We can't even have a full day to look at this deal from every angle before it is shot down. One thing is for sure, the deal was close and just because one side developed a nervous tick, doesn't mean the deal won't resurface. It will be interesting to see what Mike Wells and Doug Smith have to report tomorrow, as far as, which team blinked or if the proposed deal has any life left.

I liked the deal because regardless of TJ Ford's health, it provided the Pacers with some assets with the draft pick and the expiring contract of Rasho. I can understand, if Toronto wasn't sold on J.O.'s health, why they would call things off.  As good a fit as a healthy J.O. would be, as we all know, seeing that big cap number in street clothes can create a season buzz kill in a hurry.

This week should only get crazier as the draft approaches and the rumors leak for public consumption. Enjoy.