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Jermaine O'Neal To Toronto?

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UPDATE: Heard Doug Smith from the Toronto Star on the way home. Smith is reporting on the J.O. to Toronto deal from a Raptors' perspective. Key things to consider is that he thinks the talks with the Pacers may have heated up over the weekend, but you also keep in mind that the Raptors have had serious talks about TJ Ford with other teams. He knows that Toronto has had people out in Vegas checking on players. Since J.O. is out there and playing full court he assumed they liked what they saw out there as far as J.O.'s health goes. Smith seemed pretty enthused about this deal for both sides and thinks J.O. would compliment  Bosh nicely, improve the Raps' interior defense and also allow the team to continue bringing along Bargnani by allowing him to come off the bench to relieve either player.

Mike Wells has some information on a rumored deal that would send J.O. to Toronto for PG T.J. Ford, Rasho Nesterovic (expiring $8.4 mill contract), and possibly the Raps' 17th pick in the draft.

Wow! First of all, Wells doesn't report rumors out of left field, so I assume his two sources are solid. So, all he is reporting is there have been talks, but the talks have advanced into some good detail.

If the Pacers pick up TJ Ford, I don't see the need for DJ Augustin. The risk with Ford is the remaining 3 years on his contract for roughly $25 million and the fact he's had some scary injuries during his short career. If the 17th pick is included, though, this deal remains quite intriguing.