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Pacers Invite Everyone To Their Draft Party

The Indiana Pacers continue their efforts to reach out to the community by holding a Draft Party that is open to the public. They've been pumping it up on the radio and in other advertisements so it will be interesting see how the public responds. I'm planning to attend and live blog the event, so if you're in town, come on down and join the party.

Also, I'm on some sort of mailing list with the Pacers, so I received this e-mail invitation from Larry Bird yesterday. Nice touch.

This is an important time for the Indiana Pacers. We are continuing our hard work to get our team back to the level we expect. The NBA Draft on Thursday, June 26, is our first chance to add a quality player and person to our team. This draft has a lot of talented players and we are excited about the opportunity we have in each round to select players that can contribute to our team.

I have been fortunate to experience all aspects of the NBA Draft. I was selected as a player, I have been in the draft room as a head coach and as the president of basketball operations.

This night is filled with excitement, drama and tension for all parties. Please be a part of that excitement and show your support by coming to Conseco Fieldhouse for our Draft Party. The doors open at 6:30 p.m. I plan to talk with the crowd after we make our selection.

This night will be our first step in getting our team back to the level we are accustomed to here in Indiana.


Larry Bird
President of Basketball Operations
Pacers Sports & Entertainment