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Updates From Orlando Pre-Draft Camp

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The Orlando pre-draft camp is where projected second round draft picks go to try and work their way into the first round AND a guaranteed contract. It is also a place for those projected outside the draft to get noticed and possibly drafted this year or next.

That may be the case for a couple of local players who most assume will return to college for another year. Jeff Rabjohns reports that former Broad Ripple Rocket and current IUPUI Jaguar, George Hill wasted no time turning scouts' heads in Orlando. Former Pike/Cathedral and IU player, Robert Vaden, now at UAB, also drew some attention. Real happy for to see Hill earn some recognition. The kid has always been a silent assassin with the ball in his hands. He never garnered the D1 attention I thought he deserved out of high school, so it is nice to see him continue to work and prove people wrong.

Draft Express has some great reports from Orlando. Their Day Two and Day One reports also include high praise of George Hill. Also, this report has video with an interview of Pacers scout Kevin Mackey.

Finally, Pacers GM David Morway checks in from Orlando at with his thoughts on the camp and all of the local prospects in the draft. He emphasizes that this camp is not do or die for the players.

This is just one piece of the puzzle. We talk about it all the time, that their body of work is very important because it's what they've done over a period of time, whether it's one, two, three or four years. There are different camps, workouts, psychological exams, all the skills tests, background checks – all these things are taken into account to make the decision. This is one piece of that equation.