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Larry Bird Missed Out On Beyoncé At Draft Lottery

After the NBA Draft Lottery last week, Larry Bird appeared on 1070 The Fan with Eddie White and Bob Kravitz  to review his trip to the lottery and discuss the upcoming draft.  Apparently, Jay-Z didn't want to let Beyoncé get too close to the legendary French Lick lady killer. Really, do you blame him?

Eddie: Was Beyoncé there?

Larry: Uhh, well, if she was I probably would've seen her but I didn't see her.

Eddie: Oh boy, that's bad, go all the way to New York...if Jay-Z is sitting next to me, I would hope, because he's kind of ugly, I'd have love to have seen Beyoncé. She is strong, (Larry laughing) strong.

Larry: Yep, I'd agree with ya.

Beyonce wasn't by Jay-Z's side in Secaucus
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Seriously, Bird offered up plenty of information on the draft as the interview remained pretty light-hearted throughout.  Here are a few items of interest:

  • Bird likes the depth of talent in the draft, definitely made it clear that he expects to find a player that can contribute right away. Either that means he has no intention of taking a project big or he's DEFINITELY taking a project big. Can't believe any draft talk coming from teams, can you?
  • Whether talking point guards, combo guards or forwards, Larry seems to like them all.
  • He'd jump on Derrick Rose if he were running the Bulls. When Kravitz mentioned that doing so would free up Kirk Hinrich for a possible move. Bird just laughed, said he was following along, but couldn't comment on a player from another team.
  • Bird would like all players to stay in school four years for selfish reasons. Obviously, they're more mature and ready to contribute. Cited Danny Granger and Stevie Graham as players ready to be pros from day one after a full college career. Admitted it would never happen and that he wouldn't want to begrudge any kid from providing for his family.

Another humorous exchange revealed that Bird likes what he sees from Nicolas Batum, even if he's not sure where he plays.

Kravitz: The other guy you are referring to is Nicolas Batum from (with emphasis) Le Mans Sarthe Basket.

Larry: Yep

Kravitz: I don't know where in God's name that is, is that France? Larry: Uhh, I think Spain isn't it?

Kravitz: Spain? I don't know. I don't have a clue. (Everyone laughing)

Eddie: Thank God Larry does and his scouts do. Don't listen to him (Kravitz).

Larry: Well, I'm not saying I'm 100% but I watch a lot of tape of him, but I'm like, I don't know what they're sayin' on there.

French. Spanish. Whatever. Actually, Kravitz was right, Le Mans Sarthe Basket is in France. I think Kravitz was taking one for the team and didn't want to call out Larry. Of course, Larry could care less. I just hope the tape Bird is watching of Nicolas Batum is actually, you know, Nicolas Batum.

Audio Link: Larry Bird on 1070 The Fan