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Pacers Set To Weigh Options At 11

Larry Bird shrugged off the results  of the NBA Draft Lottery, happy the Pacers didn't leave New Jersey with a worse pick.

"My main concern was not to go backward," Bird said by telephone Tuesday from Secaucus, N.J., where the lottery was conducted in the NBA Entertainment studios. "We feel like the No. 11 pick is going to be a pretty good one and we're happy about that.

"Obviously, you hope to be able to move up but the odds are better that you could move back. You have a better chance going out and buying a lottery ticket so I don't get too hyped up about it. There's a chance, but the odds are really against you."

Now it's time for Larry Bird and David Morway to prioritize the potential talent that will be available with the 11th pick. Here are some options the Pacers will have to consider:

  1. Defensive minded combo guard with potential to develop into a point guard. Player: Russell Westbrook
  2. Undersized, true point guard who can run a team but may struggle defending NBA PGs. Player: D.J. Augustin
  3. Multi-talented front court player who can provide talented depth at power forward. Players: Kevin Love , Darrell Arthur
  4. Project Center who will take a few years to develop. Players: DeAndre JordanJaVale McGee 

These are just some initial thoughts and options, but a good representation of the type of players the Pacers will be analyzing. Personally, I'd prefer going with options 1 or 3 and as much as I love Westbrook's game, going with a talented big who can come in and contribute right  away may be more prudent. Picking up a guard in the second round is a better bet than project big.

So, let the draft debates begin. We have a solid month to scrutinize these players and how they'll fit with the Pacers. Enjoy.