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Thank You Paul Pierce and LeBron James, Thank You!

I was pretty hyped for Sunday's Game 7. LeBron James and the Cavs (well, LeBron at least) pushing the Boston Celtics to the brink of playoff extinction, again. The Some Bank Garden was rockin' like the old Gahden, LeBron had that look in his eye, KG had his boys amped. Everyone was all in.

Then the first quarter happened. What a let down. 18-13 after one quarter and the play was worse than the score. Only the intensity was worthy of a Game 7 situation.

Fortunately, the game went huge over the final three quarters. Big time plays were made and leaders emerged.

Thank you Paul Pierce and LeBron James for turning this less than stellar game into an epic duel. Really nice to see two superstar players rise to the occasion and even galvanize a heavy dose of respect for one another along the way. This is why we watch. Much appreciated.