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Walsh Signs D'Antoni to Coach Knicks

This morning on the ESPN scroll I read that Donnie Walsh had denied any offer had been made to Mike D'Antoni. My first thought was that a deal must be close. Walsh is the master of diversion when the media gets entangled in his negotiations. He always tells the truth, but just the parts of the truth HE wants to tell. Well played once again. Mark Jackson might want to check with the Nets about the announcing gig.

I was worried that D'Antoni might go to the Chicago Bulls and get all of their nice talent running in the right direction. Hard to tell what directions the Bulls are going to go with a coach now. Avery Johnson? I don't think so. If a veteran-laden Mavs team was driving him nuts, what do you think would happen with current Bulls roster. Just doesn't seem like a good fit. That might be good for the Pacers, though.