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Pacers 105, Bucks 97: Ring The Bell

Earlier in the season, Pacers PA man Reb Porter trotted out a few signature 3-point calls for different players to change up his normal, 'Home Run!' call. For one game, Travis Diener 3-balls were announced as, 'Ring the bell! It's Diener time!' Well, Travis is a modest type and didn't really like the additional attention, so he asked that the call not continue. That's all good and well at the Fieldhouse, but from that point on, whenever Travis drained a 3-ball, Cornrows, Jr. would jump up and yell, 'RING THE BELL! IT'S DIENER TIME!' Great fun around the house, believe me.

Well, we weren't able to watch the game tonight, but as I checked the updates I couldn't help saying, 'Ring the Bell!' throughout the fourth quarter as Travis caught fire and helped extract the Pacers from a loss to the the Bucks that would've ended any playoff hopes. Diener poured in 15 fourth quarter points as the Pacers rallied from a 10-point deficit at the start of the final 12 minutes. Diener led an explosion as the Pacers outscored the Bucks 38-20 in the fourth to secure a huge 105-97 win.

Big ups to the Pacers for weathering a poor shooting night to claw out a win. Danny Granger had things going early and finished with 27 points. Jeff Foster came up big with 16 points and 15 rebounds. Here's Bruno's recap of the game. Once again, the Pacers refuse to give in. This has been going on for months now. I really admire the attitude and effort displayed by this team.

Now the Pacers are behind Atlanta 3 games with 5 to go. The Pacers host the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday and a win would really make things interesting. Keep the faith, people!