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Player Review: Marquis Daniels

Player Review: Marquis Daniels
Stats: 6.9 ppg, 2.9 rpg, 1.9 apg
Stats/36:  14.1 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 3.2 apg

How did he surprise?

Marquis Daniels was forced into a utility role off the bench most of the year, showing his versatility by handling 2nd unit point guard duties and defending any point guard through small forward that was assigned to him. After Jamaal Tinsley’s injury, but before Flip Murray was signed, Quisy was forced to handle the PG duties in many games. Neither Quisy nor JOB will tell you the situation was ideal, but credit Daniels for digging in and doing what he could. His play at PG wasn’t poor it was just inconsistent. There were games where he played poorly from a PG standpoint, but there were plenty where he was solid. Once Flip Murray was signed, Quisy played better in his role as a 2/3 off the bench. There were several games late in the season where he was on the floor to close out the game thanks to his effective defense. Marquis also provided us with one of the "Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!" nights of the year during a Pacers win over Philly just before the season went south in mid-December. Daniels pumped in 26 points which included draining three dagger 3-balls, each followed by a QUISY FOR THREESY! call from PA man Reb Porter. I guess Quisy didn't enjoy the call because it took him 24 games to convert his next three total treys.

How did he disappoint?

Quisy's inconsistency disappointed me the most this year. I had hopes for more reliable production off the bench, but his numbers were only slightly better than last year which is more due to the extra minutes he played this year. Yes, he dealt with some nagging injuries, but most players do after a few months of the season pass. I just didn’t see much improvement in Quisy’s game. I love his mid-range offensive game when he’s on, but that seemed to come and go throughout the year. His turnover numbers were maddening at times, often leaving me wondering what was going through his mind at certain times. Playing different roles requires a different mindset, so maybe he struggled making that adjustment from game-to-game.

Future considerations

Whatever the cause of his inconsistency, at least this year revealed just what the Pacers have in Marquis Daniels. Now that he's a known quantity, making decisions about his future role with the team should be easier. Being part of the 2/3 logjam, his status with the Pacers depends on the direction Larry Bird wants to go. We have to assume someone is going to be moved this summer, so I’m sure Quisy’s name will be raised in trade talks. He is under contract next year, with a team option for 2009-10, which gives the Pacers some leverage when talking trade or flexibility should they decide to stick with Quisy next year.  Regardless, Daniels needs to go to work and take a few strides forward in developing his NBA game. There’s plenty of talent there to tap into, but now it is up to Quisy to bring that talent to the surface every night.