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Open Game Thread #75: Pacers at Celtics

Here's Bruno's Scouting Report which looks ahead at the best-case scenario remaining for the Pacers, that tonight's game is a playoff preview. The Pacers have a lot of work to do and need some help for that to happen, but it ain't over 'til it's over.

Check out this Q&A with CelticsBlog I did earlier this week. Also, Steve Weinman has a nice look at Mike Dunleavy's strong season.

Here's what the efficiency numbers say:

Team Pace Off.Eff. Def.Eff.
IND 96.0(3rd) 108.1(16th) 109.6(17th)
BOS 89.6(19th) 112.3(9th) 100.1(1st)

Projected Starters
Mike Dunleavy F Paul Pierce
Troy Murphy F Kevin Garnett
Jeff Foster C Kendrick Perkins
Danny Granger G Ray Allen
Flip Murray G Rajon Rondo

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.