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Pacers East At MSG?

Donnie Walsh took his time before firing reassigning Isiah Thomas, which means he waited 48 hours instead of 24. Walsh knows all too well that no matter how much he likes a guy, public perception can reach a point where the organization has to let him go. Plus, there was some pretty solid evidence indicting Zeke's leadership of the Knicks that made reality support the perception.

Now it appears the Mark Jackson is a leading candidate to take of over the Knicks' head job. Walsh was real interested in Jax coaching the Pacers last year, but Larry Bird wanted Jim O'Brien. So now Walsh has a chance to see if his instincts are right and let another NYC native son coach the Knicks. Tough job, considering Jax has never coached a team at any level before. While he's never held the official title of 'coach', he has coached plenty of successful teams with the ball in his hand, as any Pacer fan knows. If anyone can succeed at making the Knicks their first coaching gig, Jax can.

Hey, while the Knicks are collecting former Pacers, I have a slightly used point guard from Brooklyn they might be interested in.